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Corey Spencer:


"I have been doing Yoga with Leeanne for about 12 months now.

Before I started Yoga I had severe back pain. Often I would wake up in the mornings with lower back pain due to the rotation in my pelvis.


My pelvis would be out of alignment and would make my right leg severely longer than my left leg.

The only way in which I could relieve my pain was through seeing a Myotherapist. Although this did not fix the problem entirely, it would ease the discomfort for about a month, then my back pain would return. I was having treatment once a month.


After seeing my Myotherapist for about 2 years she suggested that I try Yoga, I took her advice by starting with Yogalou. Initially I wasn’t keen on the idea, but after the first lesson I was hooked.  As a 17 year old I never thought that I would enjoy such peace and serenity for only one hour per week.


Not only have I seen the benefits of more core muscle strengthening, I don’t get back pain anymore.  I only see my Myotherapist twice a year now, and that is only for a checkup, she can see the benefits in my posture, pelvis placement and I am looking much healthier.


Yoga with Yogalou has relieved my back pain, I am maintaining by alignment and enjoying the benefits of calm and relaxation that can be found within Yoga.


I would recommend Yoga for everyone, even if you only try it once, the benefits will surprise you."

Sam Govaars:


"Just want to let everyone know that the Yogalou classes are fantastic!!

I had trouble sleeping for weeks before I went to a class. That night I had the best, most restful sleep I've had in years. I also found it helped with all the kinks in my back. My whole body felt awesome after doing yoga Lou.

You couldn't find a nicer person to do yoga with. Leeanne loves doing her yoga classes and cares about the people doing the classes. You just feel totally relaxed with her.I recommend giving it a go. You won't believe how good it makes you feel until you've tried it"

Joelene Buntain:


"I’ve had the pleasure of being taught yoga by Leeanne of YogaLou for the past year in a gym environment and recently I have been taking private yoga and meditation classes with her. Leeanne is a kind, spirited and friendly person who I would recommend to anyone wishing to try yoga or better their practice, as well as those looking to slow their mind and reduce stress. I am blessed to have Leeanne as my mentor in yoga and look forward to every class I take with her"

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