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What to wear to Yoga and where to buy

So you have decided to try Yoga and not sure what to wear. For me the main thing is being as comfortable , covered and cool as possible but how do you find the right out fit to help get the most out of your practice?

Searching the internet it was suggested that a pair of high-waist leggings, a crop top and a singlet, made from strong and breathable fabric. This combination will allow you to move freely and feel relaxed. For me I wear my comfy tracksuit pants and loose top , we are all different.

If you’re stressing about yoga attire for your first stretch session– you’re not alone. It’s not just the thought of impending back-bends that’s daunting, choosing functional (yet fashionable) yoga clothes can also have you breaking out in a sweat before you’ve even started Bikram.

There are many different types of yoga but all of them involve a combination of physical postures, movement, breathing techniques and meditation. It helps to wear clothes that will suit the intensity of each discipline, but in all yoga classes it's best to bring light layers as you tend to cool down quickly during shavasana.

Here are some places of yoga clothes for women and where to buy them.


Dharma Buns

Lorna Jane

Nimble Active Wear

The Iconic

Divine Goddess

And your local places like

Big W




Just a reminder that you don’t have to spend allot to feel comfortable on the mat

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