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Building Upper Body Strength

We are working on upper body the first week back from our break... I must admit i sat around last week thinking how will i ease students back into class next week... mmmmmm The one thing would pop up and stand out to me was work the upper body,,, I started working on mine just before the festive break and look forward to getting back into it this week... We have been working on and breaking down postures like Plank, Chaturanga Dandasana , Down ward facing dog, mixed in with Sun Salutations introducing Up Dog for students wanting to go further and baby cobra for students wanting to stay low.. Practicing Yogi Push ups... We didn't make it through the whole class plan but it has been so far a great class had by all ,, lots of sweat but enjoyable,,,, I am today feeling the effects of working the upper body and i am looking forward to the journey forward.. There are many Benefits of working the upper body on the mat: 1. improve muscle tone 2. Provide strength and endurance 3. Creates Focus 4. Helps prepare for Arm Balances and many more. This article was great read on Yoga for the Upper Body :

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