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Beginners workshop at YogaLou

This course is created for those who have never practiced Yoga before and for those wanting to go back to basics It is a 4 week course with Sun Salutations breakdown. We will spend the first 2 weeks breaking down the 12 poses in the sun salutations covering pose by pose. Students will be given the opportunity to ask questions after every pose breakdown in a supportive environment. Plus learning, Pawanmuktasana - A preparatory practice which removes energy blockages from the body. When these energy blockages become chronic they prevent new ones from forming. We will release whats blocked allowing relaxing impulses to travel to the brain. Pranayama - Breathing exercises aimed at introducing extra oxygen to the lungs and also influencing the flow of Prana (Life force) Asana - Other poses that help to control the mind and energy We will need 5 participants to run the class so please click Going button to confirm your interests. Payments will be due 10th November and there will be no refunds available. Please try to attend all 4 classes. Dates are 14th, 21st and 28th Nov and 5th Dec. For payments and bookings please email Or see Leeanne at YogaLou Cost is $96 There is currently 1 place available for this workshop run by Maria Polyviou of Satya Yoga Spirit - Don't miss out - Book your place and Join in the fun


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