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Can private sessions make a difference?

I have been practising Yoga on and off for many years now, even before I became a yoga instructor.

I like most people went to a gym or studio to fit a class in and I loved it allot and still do, but I always had that nagging feeling of wanting more and started looking into maybe going to do some private Yoga sessions.

In much researching on Private classes, the benefits and looking for an Instructor that suited my timetable, reasonably priced and close to home I finally found someone. I wanted to go to some private yoga sessions as I found I needed the discipline and I wanted to learn a whole lot more about poses and what they can do for me and learn more about myself and my capabilities.

We all have different areas we need to work on and private classes are a great way to learn and work on areas that you struggle with in a regular yoga class. For example; for me my areas needing more attention are shoulder girdle, upper body strength and core strength, so these are the things I have requested that we focus on and by breaking down postures I get a real understanding of the areas / muscles being used to obtain these poses. I really do believe that private Yoga classes can help you in many ways, you can get one on one time with an instructor, learn poses and learn about yourself, also very good if you want to do yoga but feel uneasy being in a yoga class with other students, these classes can help build confidence and self-esteem with the possibility of one day attending a Yoga class with other students as well if this is the path you would like to go down.

I have been attending private Yoga Classes for a few weeks now and already feel the difference when I attend my regular weekly Yoga class and have noticed a big difference in my teaching as well and this can only be a wonderful thing for me and my students...

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