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Tips for Beginners - By Mia Polvyiou

Tips for Beginners 1. Expect to be confused. Confusion is not such a big problem in the world though. Confusion is necessary in the learning process. Yoga is an integrated practice so we come to the mat to become aware of our whole being and that means learning about body parts while paying attention to the breath. This takes some getting used to.

2. Which brings me to the next tip. Have patience. You will learn more as you go and you always have the opportunity to repeat poses you’ve done before. There’s always opportunity for improvement.

3. Vinyasa Yoga is not always about intensity. Learning to back off when you feel pain and/or frustration is just as much of a skill as increasing the intensity is.

4. You’re not being religious because you are in a Yoga class. Yes the practice originated from a cultural setting that was religious but very different to ours. However you don’t avoid eating apples because they are in a Bible story. Apples are nourishing and taste good.

5. No one is watching you. People are working on themselves and if they are watching you then they are not doing Yoga and neither are you if you watch them.

6. Practice at home. Find 1 pose on you tube by a teacher that resonates with you and practice in your own quiet space. You will discover things more on your own and then you will carry that into the Yoga space too.

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