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Find what is holding you back from the mat:

I have heard many times since becoming a Yoga instructor from people that they are either not flexible or too fat to give Yoga a go. None of these are true , anyone can do yoga , I mean I am both of those statements and I'm sure before finding yoga I possibly said the same thing. I have a very tight shoulder girdle but poses like Eagle Pose (Garudasana) , I modify by either using a strap or find a variation, even in my teaching I offer variations as our bodies are made up differently. Even though I have a tight shoulder girdle I'm flexible in the hips, so therefore some postures are harder for me than others. But it doesn't stop me from trying and let's face it; it is about finding what works for you.

Numerous postures I find difficult as I’m a bigger frame person than most students on the mat but I've learnt to stop judging myself. I've learnt that the skeletal frame, muscles and tendons move the same on a bigger person as they do on a smaller person, the only difference is the fat around them so it can make some postures a little harder to get into, but I can still do yoga, I can still relax, breathe and feel good.

What is stopping you?

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