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Postnatal Yoga Classes

Have you recently had a baby and looking to get back to a gentle exercise? Were you doing Prenatal while pregnant and would love to get back to the mat? Postnatal at YogaLou is just for you..

About Postnatal :


Postnatal Yoga class is a great way to support the body's recovery after birth. In Postnatal Yoga classes, postures, breathing techniques, and meditation offer a practice that supports healing, relaxation, and toning. Mothers may bring their babies for an experience that incorporates yoga and bonding with the baby. These classes are a wonderful way to connect with other new mothers in a supportive and healthy environment.

Postnatal classes are appropriate for women from about four to six weeks postpartum and up until about six months.



Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

• Strengthens the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
• Releases tension in shoulders and neck muscles
• Helps to improve posture
• Decreases overall stress and promotes relaxation
• Rejuvenates the mind and increases energy
• Provides and opportunity to connect with other mothers
• Creates a safe environment to bond with baby

Postnatal  classes at YogaLou


Book your place as places are limited.


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