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Chair Yoga



  • An exercise program you can do at your desk.

  • Designed for the elderly looking to maintain your active lifestyles.

  • Recovering from an injury and wanting to increase your core stability and strength quickly.


Chair Yoga incorporates gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation methods, designed to develop physical fitness and clarity of mind.



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Yoga Nidra



  • Meditative  Practice for deep relaxation and Healing.


  • Yoga Nidra Meditation is simple, easy and convenient.


  • You practice Yoga Nidra meditation lying down and just follow a guided meditation.



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Yogalou Studio



The YogaLou studio boast a beautiful serence and calming environment, allowing you to leave relaxed and happy.



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General Yoga

Yoga is very beneficial to your health, mentally, physically and emotionally. Anything you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer. Stress relief, Better posture, Weight loss and many more.
Here are some of my top favourite benefits of yoga, come join us and feel the benefits yourself!

1. Weight loss. What many people want!  Sun Salutations, Asana (Poses) and Pranayama (Breathing) are some ways to help you lose weight with yoga, with regular practice of yoga you will see the change within a few weeks.


2. Stress relief. A few minutes of yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily - in both the body and mind. Yoga postures, pranayama and meditation are effective techniques to release stress.

3. Increased energy. Feeling drained by the end of the day? Completing multiple tasks  can sometimes be quite exhausting.  Just a few minutes of yoga every day can have you feeling recharged and ready to go!


4. Better flexibility & posture. Regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong.  It also helps immensely with your posture when you stand, sit and even sleep! This leads to better sleeps along with less body pain from bad posture.

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