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YogaLou Corporate Classes

YogaLou understands that life in general can be stressful and coupled with your work life it can become hectic and overwhelming.  We want to help create a positive, productive and energetic workplace by increasing employee morale and overall attitude.

Yoga classes usually take place in a boardroom upon appointment or multi purpose space such as a gym if available on site. Classes may be held in the morning, before work, at lunch time or in the early evening after work an can be tailored to suit employee experience, offering three levels of practice (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

A typical corporate yoga class runs for an hour and includes relaxation of the mind and body, stretching those strained muscles, breathing techniques and tips on how to reduce stress in order to minimise health issues brought about by sustained periods of time at a computer screen or sitting at a desk.

YogaLou aims to invigorate and revitalise body and mind after long conferences, throughout intensive projects or team building days.

Benifits Include:

  • Improve employee’s health

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Provide happier and more productive employees

  • Increase mental alertness in the workforce

  • Show employees that they are valued

  • Promote a sense of workplace community

  • Integrate an overall corporate wellness program

  • Achieve a work - life balance

If you feel yoga best suits your business goals in obtaining a healthy workplace environment please contact me for pricing and if required, we can come in and show you the ultimate benefits of workplace yoga.                                                          


Workplace Yoga
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