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| Mindful | respectful | meditative | reflective | tranquil | 

YogaLou studio provides a relaxing and supportive environment for people to practice at their own pace. We encourage all students to be mindful of each other and ask that you consider the following while at the studio:



  • Please leave your shoes in the entrance and enter the studio with socks or barefoot.


  • Please  let the teacher know if you have any injuries or concerns, which is best done before the class.


  • Please pay the teacher before class or if you have purchased a number of classes have your card stamped prior to practice.


  • Please leave your mobile phones on silent, off or areoplane mode and in your bag or boxes provided. This is really important to us. Phones ringing and buzzing during practice can be very disruptive and besides, class is an excellent chance to switch off from the rest of the world. If you forget and your phone rings, please switch it off straight away to minimize disruption.


  • Please bring as little as possible to the floor for the safety of the teacher and other students who need to walk around the room. You should only need your mat , props and towel on the floor; you can leave belongings in the entrance or ask the teacher for any other areas to store bags or jackets.


  • Yoga is a personal self-study practice; therefore we ask that you please refrain from chatting to ensure everyone has a chance to focus on his or her body and breath. The teacher is available to assist where needed.


  • If you are arriving late or leaving early, please let the teacher know in advance and enter/depart as quietly as possible. Try not to flap your mat loudly; this may sound silly but it can be very unsettling to those that are already ‘in the zone’. It’s best in these instances to try to get a position close to the door.


  • Please refrain from applying perfume/cologne and strong deodorants within the studio space. Some people are sensitive to strong smells and remember everyone is trying to breathe deeply!


  • Please clean your yoga equipment regularly. YogaLou mats and eye bags are cleaned regularly; however, you should aim to clean your mat thoroughly once a month as well.


  • Please return any borrowed equipment at the end of class in the boxes provided.


  • If you arrive while another class is finishing, please be mindful that students are likely in Savasana (or rest). Please wait outside and try to keep your voice low, so that everyone has a chance to bliss.


  • Some people view yoga as having a spiritual dimension. This is not for everyone; however, we welcome and respect any person’s reason for attending class whether it is for fitness, strength, flexibility, meditation or mindfulness – or a combination of all of the above.


  • As a general rule, please respect the teacher and students; and the studio as a space for retreat and sanctuary, a place for reflection and meditation, of quiet and peacefulness.


  • And most important  enjoy your time here at YogaLou, using this time just for yourself !!!!




  • If you are attending a YogaLou class or course, booking is essential as class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 students to ensure individual attention where required. Bookings can be done via telephone or email up to 1-2  hours before the given class so that if the class is cancelled, there is sufficient time for those who booked to be notified.


  • Payment must be made prior to participation, either in cash at the beginning of class or via direct internet banking transfer (YogaLou will Supply details upon request). Please note personal cheques are not accepted.


  • Class times may change and class cancellations may occur according to participation.


  • If paying for casual classes, please ensure you check class availability 24 hours before class you are looking at booking.


  • If you are not able to attend your booked class, please notify studio 2- 3 hours before class is to start, as there may be a waiting list for this time slot and another student may be able to join in your absence.


  • If you cannot make classes specified on timetable and not notified or made contact with YogaLou two weeks in a row, you will need to check 24 hours before your next scheduled times slot to ensure your spot is still available.  


  • If purchased a class pass, please ensure that they are used within the use by date, if unsure please check with your instructor or YogaLou, if unable to use within the dates please contact YogaLou to discuss and arrangements can be made in certain circumstances.


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